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Start Your Engines for the Innovative Erzberg Rodeo Time Keeping System

Considered as a classic by die hard enduro enthusiasts, the Erzberg Rodeo is a unique motorbike extreme enduro race that marks an enormous test for riders, material and technology. Aim of the race is to pass a number of checkpoints spread across the Erzberg within a strict time limit of 4 hours. With every checkpoint the trail becomes harder and only a handful of the 500 riders reaches the finish line.

Trading & Consulting HPC GmbH asked to develop an all new electronic time keeping system for the 20th Erzberg Rodeo. Until the development of this new system the time was taken by hand, as generic systems were incapable of withstanding the extreme conditions of the Erzberg. Unpredictable weather, snow, mud, and dust, difficult network coverage, high iron content and sensitive electronics deemed standard systems useless. Whilst this did not affect the attraction of the classic race, the inception of the live coverage from the Erzberg Rodeo on Servus-TV required a solution for the time keeping and real time transmission to the broadcaster.

Trading & Consulting HPC GmbH has developed an innovative time keeping system for the Erzberg Rodeo. Every checkpoint is equipped with an extremely durable and weather resistant RFID scanner, transmitting data to a self-programmed server. The server interprets all information, transforming it into TV-friendly material and transfers the data in real time. Whilst at the end of the race the server transmits the final results. The scanners placed at each checkpoint were programmed individually, providing a simple user interface, as well as storing the data (rider, time, checkpoint) even through power outages and system shutdowns. In addition, the time keeping system was equipped with a fraud identification feature, as well as the option to intervene manually, if nature ever gets the upper hand over the new system conceived and developed by Trading & Consulting HPC GmbH.
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Secure Pim
The number of smartphones and tablet PCs used by businesses is continuously growing. However, iPhones and other devices were developed for private use rather than the handling of sensitive enterprise data. Businesses therefore need to make
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