Visual Merchandiser
Visual Merchandiser
The Shop Organizer
The Visual Merchandiser was developed to visualize and optimize enterprise resource planning in retail and provide an interface between the actual shop and the revenue it generates. The graphic representation of enterprise resource planning and key figures, on both product level and geographically in-store, supports the ideal positioning of goods in the shop. Integrated order interfaces furthermore guarantee the automated and temporally just ordering of stock.
  • Online evaluation of revenue data
  • Graphic data processing on multiple levels: shop floor, storey, zone, shelf, shelf space
  • Inventory lists
  • Issuance of packing schedules for staff
  • Automatic evaluation of top and low performs on shelf and product level
  • First time order and follow-up orders of products
  • Integrated management of zones, colors, product families, and seasons, as well as producers and suppliers
  • User management including individual user right groups
  • Kiosk mode for in-store self-service points
Our Credentials
  • MTM Textilgroßhandels GmbH
  • Benetton Megastores


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