Project Management & Consulting
Project Management & Consulting
Project Management & Consulting
Structure, Efficiency and Communication
Successful project management is a mosaic that consists of many small pieces. Our task is the arrangement of these fragments and the support of project management in the orientation between different building blocks. This is especially important for efficient project processing within predefined phases, the delivery of ordered solution models and the optimization of internal and external communication, as well as information processes.
Our Focus
  • Efficiency improvement in project processing
  • Development of a mutual project and project management understanding
  • Assurance of a homogeneous approach
  • Management of social, temporal and content-specific project borders
  • Increase and reduction of project complexity
  • Project dynamics management

Our Expertise

  • Certified project manager (PMA/IPMA Standard Level B)
  • Internationally accepted project management processes (PMA/IPMA)
  • References from industry, public sector, telecommunication and retail
Our Credentials
  • BMF - Personalmanagement mit SAPBMF
  • BMF - Transparenzdatenbank, Kontrollsystem Automatenglückspiel, Data Warehouse Steuer
  • AMS
  • BVA - EESSI (electronic exchange of social security information) Vorprojektphase
  • BRZ – Sharepoint Rollout