Knowledge Management & Organized Learning
Knowledge Management & Organized Learning
Employees in Focus
Every employee has an indispensable need for information. It is of outmost priority to satisfy this need through adequate systems and tools. Our approach to employee-focused knowledge management is derived from application-related, automatic and ontology-based key wording of all relevant information. Employees receive all subject-related information (e.g. legal texts, old files concerning the same person or same case, etc.) through discreet notices at the location of the knowledge demand. This significantly increases acceptance and leads to a strong interconnectedness of multiple knowledge spheres.
Our Focus
  • Holistic knowledge management (demand survey, strategy development, tool choice, organization-based anchoring)
  • Business case oriented knowledge management
  • Automatic, ontology-based subscription

Our Expertise

  • Analysis and concentration of existing knowledge management approaches
  • Identification of knowledge diversity and knowledge holders
  • Inquiry and documentation of knowledge processes
  • Development of knowledge management strategies
  • Establishment and anchoring of knowledge management processes
  • Evaluation and optimization of knowledge management processes
Our Credentials
  • BMLV - Online Geschäftsprozessdokumentation
  • BMF Bildung Finanz+
  • RTR - Wissensdatenbank mit ELAK-Anbindung
  • Benetton - Visual Merchandiser