E-Government - New Public Mangement (NPM)
E-Government - New Public Mangement (NPM)
E-Government - New Public Mangement (NPM)
E-Government - New Public Mangement (NPM)
In the Interest of Quality and the Citizens
The novel public administration orientation adheres to business principles and market-based control mechanisms, leveraging the quality and efficiency, yet adversely causing alterations in administration and human resources. At hpc we support this novel orientation based on the NPM framework through organizational development and closely related HR development measures. Simultaneous introduction of organizational learning methods and further IT measures, including business process analysis and simulation, as well as key figure elicitation through data mining, allows the new organizational culture to be braced sustainably.
Our Focus
  • Impact orientation
  • Customer orientation
  • Sequence and structure optimization
  • Staff orientation
  • Competitiveness and quality management
  • Control and planning systems
  • IT support

Our Expertise

  • Quality management
  • Process improvement / process management
  • Controlling
  • Balanced Score Card
  • Organizational Development
  • Business Intelligence
Our Credentials
  • BMLV - Personalsysteme Neue Technologie (PS-NT)
  • Duale Zustellung