IT Architecture
IT Architecture
The Essential Framework Every Organisations Needs
hpc’s experts provide assistance in the analysis of existing systems, the evaluation of total requirements, as well as in the consideration of individual requests concerning scalability, performance, quantity structure and security. Goals pursued by our services are the development of ideas for new IT paradigms, the drawing up of functional specification documents (as the foundation for contractor tenders), as well as assistance and support in the inception of new IT architecture.
Our Focus
  • Component-based approach
  • Orientation towards maintenance and expandability
  • Testability perspective
  • Transaction security

Our Expertise

  • UML
  • Rational
  • Cockburn
  • Martin Fowler
  • J2EE
  • Spring
  • Layered architecture
  • Connection of legacy systems
  • Transaction security
Our Credentials
  • Bundeskanzleramt Österreich - Zustellserver/Signatur- und Zustellmodul für Online Applikationen (MOA)
  • BMF – E-Finanz Vorstudien
  • BMLV – Personalsysteme Neue Technologie (PS-NT)
  • Benetton – Visual Merchandiser
  • MA 48 - Prozessstudie und Toolevaluierung
  • RTR - Web-Plattform für Serviceabwicklung