Workflow Implementierung
Workflow Implementierung
Analysis, documentation and implementation (upon request) – hpc is able to draw on vast experience for the implementation of workflows. Implementations occur either in a common workflow engine or alternatively an individual application is created under utilization of the analyzed data as control data for dynamic modeling. The implementation furthermore implies related development activities, such as the implementation and integration of role concepts and responsibility systems, the integration of existing applications, as well as personal customization of existing workflow engines.
Our Focus
  • Technical modeling of workflows
  • Configuration and adjustment of workflow engines
  • Accessibility of existing infrastructure and applications
  • Automation of technical modeling integration
  • Conception of entire implementation

Our Expertise

  • IBM MQ Series Workflow, hp @enterprise, Enhydra Shark,, Lotus Domino
  • BPEL, XPDL support
  • API programming
  • TIBCO iProcess Suite und TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM
Our Credentials
  • Generali Bank – Kreditworkflow
  • RTR - Checklisten
  • ÖBB – Beschaffungsworkflow
  • BMLV – Go B (Geschäftsfallorientierte Bearbeitung)