Development Assistance & Technical Support
Development Assistance & Technical Support
Development Assistance & Technical Support
Professionalism from A to Z
The development of software entails multiple independent steps, spanning from analysis to inception and ultimately maintenance. The majority of steps has been automated, significantly increasing the software quality. hpc offers developer teams of all sizes service and support on multiple levels. Particularly large-sized teams are provided with special tools and methods.
Our Focus
  • Introduction of technical platforms for developers
  • Method support
  • Technical support
  • Automation

Our Expertise

  • Java development environments
  • Advantage Gen
  • Microsoft .Net
  • Development support for mobile applications
  • Test automation
  • Build and deployment processes
  • Database organization
  • Change request and incident management
Our Credentials
  • BMLV – PS NT
  • AMS – Advantage Gen
  • Generali Bank – Kreditworkflow (Java)
  • Bank Austria - Incentivemodul im HR Prozess