Perfomance Optimization - Software Development
Perfomance Optimization - Software Development
Faster, Bigger, Better.
In order to guarantee specific performance optimization it is important to possess in-depth knowledge about programming platforms and databases. The greater the knowledge the more negligible becomes the danger of causing technical or structural alterations. This is of particular importance when facing I/O access, which, acting as a bottle neck, provides the greatest opportunity of performance gain. If no specific optimization requests are expressed by the customer multiple, automated measurements are taken. Based on the results therefrom, optimizations are suggested and implemented upon request.
Our Focus
  • Price/performance ratio of the optimization
  • Agreement on measurable quality criteria
  • Database access optimization
  • Database structure optimization

Our Expertise

  • Java, C#, web technologies, C/C++, Advantage Gen, Lotus Domino
  • Oracle, DB/2, PostegreSQL, MySQL
Our Credentials
  • s Bausparkasse – Liquiditäts- und Ertragsplanung
  • RTR - Leistungserfassung
  • BMLV – Personalsysteme Neue Technologie (PS-NT)