Wine List
Wine List
Wine List on the iPad
Your Wine Cellar on the iPad – Real Connoisseurs Won’t Be Able to Resist
Be honest with yourself – do you as a real wine aficionado know exactly how many bottles you have accumulated in your wine cellar? Do you remember each and every type and vineyard? What about the year? Yes, keeping an overview is not an easy task, even in a well-organized wine cellar. Now you have the chance to make it simple with the Wine List App. The app lets you access your wine cellar from your iPad and you can now easily catalogue and organize your current wine collection. In-stock wine bottles are presented on a virtual wine shelf. One of the many great features of the Wine List is its intuitive wine selection. Upon selecting the type (white, red, rosé, prosecco, champagne, etc.), as well as a year or range of years, the app offers you wine bottles that match the selected criteria, including stock levels. So you can be sure you don’t promise your guests too much. Cheers!
  • Innovative iPad applications
  • Access via web server (local or in a cloud)
  • Simple use
  • Virtual wine shelf presentation
  • Rapid cataloguing and maintenance of stock levels
  • Intuitive wine recommendations based upon individual search parameters
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