Credit Workflow
Credit Workflow
The Intelligent Loan Processing System – from Application to Payback

Credit Workflow is an app-based system that conducts the entire loan provision process within a single app – from electronic application to payback and clearance. This is made possible through the smart connection of credit workflow to bank-internal systems (amongst others Banqpro). Features include an automatic reminder system, rapid and simple generation of loan agreements and additional documents, a rights system for processing, the approval and payment of loans, as well as flexible evaluation possibilities that guarantee efficiency in daily application.
  • Convenient reporting component (employment of JasperReports)
  • Secure and configurable data exchange possibilities via FTP/SFTP
  • Efficient application possibilities through activation or deactivation of specific components, e.g. K0
  • Smooth operation without malfunctioning when processing large amounts of data through the employment of a lean web framework and hibernate caching mechanisms (regardless of database system used)
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  • Generali Bank AG


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