.NET Individual Development
.NET Individual Development
The Best Support for Your Business Processes
Within an existing Microsoft infrastructure there are numerous possibilities to optimize business processes through the latest .NET applications. The advantage of integrating the .NET runtime system component is that it allows for direct communication between applications in different programming languages. Furthermore, Microsoft offers developers comprehensive tools and best practice methods. This allows high quality and user-friendliness to be retained in developed applications.
Our Focus
  • Solution design in Microsoft system environments
  • Integration of existing solutions (Interop)
  • Employment of Microsoft best practice tools and methods
  • Workflow-oriented processing (SOA, Windows Communication Foundation, Domain Specific Language)
  • Usability & performance

Our Expertise

  • .NET 1.0 - .NET 4.5
  • C#, C++, VB.NET, CFML, COBOL.NET, CSSWF, Visual J#, CLISP, Oberon, NetRuby, S#
  • Extended Visual Studio configuration and programming (e.g.: DSL)
  • Interop technology
  • ASP.NET, Windows Forms, service programming
  • ADO.NET and optimized database access
  • .NET transfer to other OS (Mac, Linux)
  • Sharepoint Portal Server
  • Microsoft Office programming and integration
Our Credentials
  • ÖBB – elektronisches Telefonbuch
  • ÖBB – Workflow Bestellwesen
  • s Bausparkasse – Liquiditäts- und Ertragsplanung
  • VKKJ - ABVNeu