Mobile Espionage Protection
Mobile Espionage Protection
Mobile Espionage Protection
Mobile Espionage Protection
„Die Spital“ 2013
Start Your Engines for the Innovative Erzberg Rodeo Time Keeping System

Considered as a classic by die hard enduro enthusiasts, the Erzberg Rodeo is a unique motorbike extreme enduro race that marks an enormous test for riders, material and technology. Aim of the race is to pass a number of checkpoints spread across the Erzberg within a strict time limit of 4 hours. With every checkpoint the trail becomes harder and only a handful of the 500 riders reaches the finish line.

Trading & Consulting HPC GmbH asked to develop an all new electronic time keeping system for the 20th Erzberg Rodeo. Until the development of this new system the time was taken by hand, as generic systems were incapable of withstanding the extreme conditions of the Erzberg. Unpredictable weather, snow, mud, and dust, difficult network coverage, high iron content and sensitive electronics deemed standard systems useless. Whilst this did not affect the attraction of the classic race, the inception of the live coverage from the Erzberg Rodeo on Servus-TV required a solution for the time keeping and real time transmission to the broadcaster.

Trading & Consulting HPC GmbH has developed an innovative time keeping system for the Erzberg Rodeo. Every checkpoint is equipped with an extremely durable and weather resistant RFID scanner, transmitting data to a self-programmed server. The server interprets all information, transforming it into TV-friendly material and transfers the data in real time. Whilst at the end of the race the server transmits the final results. The scanners placed at each checkpoint were programmed individually, providing a simple user interface, as well as storing the data (rider, time, checkpoint) even through power outages and system shutdowns. In addition, the time keeping system was equipped with a fraud identification feature, as well as the option to intervene manually, if nature ever gets the upper hand over the new system conceived and developed by Trading & Consulting HPC GmbH.
New Participant Administration – Rescue
Custom Software for Austria’s Federal Sport Academies (Bundessportakademien)

Following an order by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, hpcs developer team created custom software to be employed at all four Federal Sport Academy subsidiaries. The objective was to unify the existing system landscape and increase the efficiency of day-to-day operations. Following a situation analysis and a requirements assessment, the first phase of the multistage project was completed in close cooperation with the principal, subsequently receiving approval.
Apart from the system requirements assessment, a frictionless cross-subsidiary business process was developed that took into account customer requirements and upheld hpc’s commitment to quality, with the intent to optimise and simplify the principal’s day-to-day operational routine.
The software developed by hpc offers the formerly autocratic Federal Sport Academies individual opportunities to work together more closely in order to ensure the transfer and preservation of knowledge without delay or detours.

We are already looking forward to the next stages of the project!
negotiation factory

hpc (together with co-operation partners) is developing a unique web app for result-oriented negotiation

hpc consulting has developed a unique negotiation software – the NF TOOLBOX – in cooperation with the Vienna School of Negotiation. Not only does the web app provide benefits in regards to mobility and availability of software, but also in terms of organizational implementation of established best practice negotiation methods. The basis for these tools and methods, which professionally address all 3 levels (content, people, process), is derived from negotiation in accordance to the Harvard Concept and the Process Communication Model ® (find detailed information at: ).
The NF TOOLBOX offers individual users, as well as enterprise users, a new way of preparing for delicate and decisive negotiations, by taking negotiation partners and corresponding relationships, as well as the gradual learning effect through continuous improvement, into consideration. NF Tool Application Sessions held at regular intervals will help users to seamlessly implement the NF Toolbox into their portfolio.

We confer particular importance to connected, interactive cooperation, as the utilization of synergies is seminal to knowledge sharing and thus to the success of the team!

For any questions contact us at:

If you are interested in a free 30-day trial please click on the link below:
Mobile Espionage Protection
The number of smartphones and tablet PCs used by businesses is continuously growing. However, iPhones and other devices were developed for private use rather than the handling of sensitive enterprise data. Businesses therefore need to make devices safe before using them. SecurePIM, developed by Munich-based virtual solution, is the premier provider of high security encryption solutions for iPhone and iPad worldwide. Trading & Consulting H.P.C GmbH now is a reseller and provides SecurePIM also in Austria.

The NSA leaks have shown even the most obstinate sceptics that it is not only possible to tap any form of electronic communication, but already common practice. Astronomical yields from industry espionage entice criminals worldwide to impropriate sensitive enterprise data. “Espionage always remains a theoretical threat – until there is an incident”, explains Dr. Raoul-Thomas Herborg, CEO of the Munich-based software business “virtual solution”. “Time and time again, managers find reasons why their business is not subject to espionage.” This is a grave mistake as the list of businesses falling victim to data theft is seemingly endless: from the Swabian mittelstand firm that comes across its own product at a trade fair, produced for half the price by an Asian manufacturer, to cases of deliberate data theft that have plunged numerous businesses into profound struggles for survival.

As the premier provider of high security business solutions worldwide, virtual solution offers SecurePIM – the “Personal Information Manager” – a complete solution for the iPhone and iPad. SecurePIM is offered as an app to ensure simple installation and provides users central access to all business emails, contacts, calendars and documents. The app satisfies highest security requirements and its usability is as simple and intuitive as apps developed by Apple. “SecurePIM finally grants organisations full control over business data stored on their mobile devices”, Herborg states. “This step is essential towards enabling the use of iPhones and iPads in businesses.”

Highest Security

SecurePIM stores all business data within a stringently protected safe area on the mobile device. Additionally, mails are encrypted via a secure S/MIME standard. Sensitive business data is therefore amply protected and separated from private data. The organisation is able to control the entire business data stored on the mobile device via the mobile application management portal. Furthermore, the IT department is able to centrally control and configure the app on all registered mobile devices. In case of emergency all business data stored in SecurePIM can be locked in an instance. All private data on mobile devices remains unaffected by SecurePIM.
virtual solution provides various processes for authentication and decryption, which the organisation can define depending on the security requirements of the respective user groups. This ranges from soft certification within the secured area to the use of smartcards for highest security requirements. Theft targeted at data stored on the device, despite using state of the art technology, is rendered impossible.

Simple Integration into the Organisation

A further advantage of SecurePIM is the system’s integration into an organisation, which is as simple as its usability. The integration of existing IT-infrastructure is easily manageable – SecurePIM can be directly connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server. Furthermore, SecurePIM allows for access to documents stored on Microsoft SharePoint or OpenText and if desired can be integrated into existing Public-Key-Infrastructure (PKI).

“SecurePIM allows an organisation to create high security areas to store essential business data and allows reliable protection of its precious capital from unauthorised access”, as Raoul-Thomas Herborg points out. “This way we make Apple devices safe for business use and make many employees worldwide happy.”

About virtual solution
The virtual solution AG is one of the leading software experts when it comes to planning, development, and integration of business IT apps. The portfolio of this Munich-based software business includes mobile business apps and individual apps for complex business processes. virtual solution’s core competencies are the fulfilment of highest security requirements, outstanding usability and the simple integration of the solutions into existing IT landscapes.

Since 1996 virtual solution’s name stands for quality “made in Germany” and over 100 innovative IT solutions have since been developed for both German and international customers.

For further information
download the Whitepaper (PDF) or Flyer (PDF)
or find us at CeBIT: SecurePIM in the Security Plaza, Hall 12 Booth C51

Press contact: DI Peter MAY
Tel.: +43 (0) 664 224 21 70
Trading & Consulting HPC at the specialized fair E-Health und KIS - Trends - "ELGA-Anwendungsbeispiele"
After a successful presentation on „Die Spital-2013“, we are also to be found at the specialized fair E-Health und KIS - Trends - "ELGA Anwendungsbeispiele" on 11/27/2013 in Vienna. For more information, click here
Successfull Presentation at „Die Spital-2013“
In the hospital of the future IT is taking over a more and more important role. Regarding the transportation and preparation of patient data (ELGA), including mobile devices, a small revolution can be expected. Concerning these facts, Trading & Consulting HPC GmbH presented its self at the trade fare of health- and elderly care as a profound IT expert and experienced manager of large and complex projects of public interest. In numerous interesting conversations with decision-makers we was able to present our expertise and know-how, so that we can now sum up the our presence as highly positive. For more information see here.
From UC4 to Automic – in the future the internationally successful specialist for business automation operates under the name of " Automic Software GmbH "
Enterprise Job Scheduling Solution for all your Automation Needs
UC4 Software was founded 1985 and is today one of the biggest independent specialist for solutions that involve Enterprise Job Scheduling and Automatization of applications. With the combined strengths the company can supply its customers with unique solutions that implement cooperate wide, integrated process automatization and optimizations. The UC4 Software portfolio contains distribution, consolation, implementation as well as support-services. The company is a global player with branches in Europe, the United States and Australia and distribution partners in more than 30 countries all around the globe. More than 1600 notable companies worldwide have implemented the Automation Suite. For more Information go to

The UC4 Workload Automation Suite allows implementing cooperate wide, integrated process automatization and optimization as well as reliable execution without interruptions. With our solutions It is possible to integrate a cross-plattform Job Scheduling system which reduces complexity, optimizes resources and will speed up your it processes.

UC4 and hpc – the right choice for you
Since 2007 the hpc is partner with UC4-Software. Our best trained associates combined with the direct cooperation with the specialists of UC4 guarantee competent consultation and optimal service in all project areas – from the implementation, versioning to update management.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions. Feel free to contact us at