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First place at the Constantinus Awards 2017

hpc Consulting is pleased to announce its first place at the Constantinus Awards 2017. The award honours the best consulting and IT projects in Austria every year. Our project "Zeitmessung beim Erzbergrodeo" was selected from 146 submissions in the “Information Technology” category this year to take home the coveted award. Winning the award is exemplary of our drive to develop innovative and efficient solutions in close cooperation with our clients.

We are very pleased with this award and hope to repeat this success in the near future – possibly with a project for your company.

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Secure Pim
The number of smartphones and tablet PCs used by businesses is continuously growing. However, iPhones and other devices were developed for private use rather than the handling of sensitive enterprise data. Businesses therefore need to make
devices safe before using them. SecurePIM, developed by Munich-based virtual solution, is the premier provider of high security encryption solutions for iPhone and iPad worldwide.

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