Pad IT
More than a presentation tool.
The Pad IT system allows employees to simply access and create essential business data. The user-friendly CMS edits presentations, product catalogues, and more to match the desired corporate design. Pad IT turns presentations into standalone apps for use on state-of-the-art tablets and other handheld devices, providing access to all of the device’s features and making it a better choice than any iPad-optimised browser version.
  • simple creation and editing via web interface
  • professional presentation on state-of-the-art devices
  • great choice of basic templates
  • data collation via a standardised XML-scheme
  • tree or path navigation
  • photo and video galleries
  • automatic alignment with corporate design
  • engagement of audience through interactive functions
  • on- and offline editing possible anytime, anywhere
Our Credentials
  • HPC Duale Zustellsysteme GmbH


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