Individual Mobile Solutions
Individual Mobile Solutions
Well Underway
The employee of today is standardly equipped with a mobile phone or PDA for rapid communication and instant access to information. On a technical level this is made possible through dedicated operating systems on user devices, which allow for the operation of additional applications. Over the past years hpc has acquired great amounts of experience in conception, design and programming.
Our Focus
  • Architecture of holistic mobile solutions
  • Applications for user devices (mobile phones, PDAs)
  • Usability
  • Wireless data transmission

Our Expertise

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile Programming
  • SMS Solutions
Our Credentials
  • Kunstverein Cuxhafen – Operation CNTRCPY
  • Impuls Programm – V-RAP (Value-added Reality Application Plattform)
  • Mobilkom – A1 Radio Zone Client
  • BMF – Zoll App
  • Eventive
  • stream-it!
  • Rote Nasen iPhone App
  • Bene – Office.Info IPhone App
  • ABPro – Auftragsbearbeitung Andoid App
  • IPhone App (Scrublist, Doodlenoid, Geom Ultimatics, Samba clock, Interlove Pro,..)
  • Earth++
  • Pad-It
  • Agrana – MeetingRoomController (MRC)
  • Briefbutler
  • p13media – Digital Signange und Android Player
  • Streaming Plattform
  • OAK3