100% Protection of Business Data on Mobile Devices.
Employees use mobile phones and tablet PCs for both business and private matters, providing a great source of risk for organizations. Theft, loss or the use of the device in an unsecured public network (e.g. airport) poses a great risk to the business. The innovative app suite SecurePIM prohibits unauthorized access by complying with stringent security standards. The organization’s entire data is end-2-End encrypted and is exclusively accessible by authorized users via individual codes. Secure PIM covers all business applications such as mail, calendar, contacts, browser and documents. This allows you to work without restriction, yet enjoy 100% security.
  • High security for mobile devices
  • Mail, browse and organize with a single app
  • Intuitive, simple usability
  • Clear separation of business and private data
  • Easy integration into the organization’s IT environment
  • Microsoft Exchange Server and smartcard reader supported
  • The organization’s IT department is able to configure and service the SecurePIM app on every device – in case of emergency all business data can be made inaccessible.
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